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Vestil Beer Baths Spa is a unique place created for your rest and relaxation. Unique energizing, strenghtening and rejuvenating treatments strengthen not only the body, but also the soul. Here, among the soothing sounds of music, you have a unique opportunity to regenerate the whole body and regain vitality. The intimate room and the atmospheric decor additionally ensures well-being and feeling of tranquility. Beer Baths are located on Level - 1 of the Mercure Piotrków Trybunalski Vestil Hotel.

Zapoznaj się z naszą ofertą zabiegów SPA

  • Full body relaxation massage


    50 minut 149 PLN
  • Classic massage of the back parts of the body (back + lower limbs)


    40 minut 129 PLN
  • Neck Massage


    25 minut 50 PLN
  • Masaż aromaterapeutyczny gorącą świecą


    50 minut 179 PLN
  • Back massage


    25 minut 89 PLN
  • Nourishing sugar / salt body peeling


    30 minut 85 PLN
  • Exotic coconut treatment or chocolate feast (peeling + body massage)


    75 minut 229 PLN
  • Illuminating golden treatment for the face, neck and cleavaget


    50 minut 169 PLN
  • Nursing and oxygenating face treatment


    30 minut 99 PLN
  • Whole body regenerating therapy (peeling finished with butter)


    40 minut 129 PLN

More information at the e-mail address: or by calling 44 684 00 00