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Bathing in the dried beer tasting beer

Excellent choice for those wishing to relax, tranquility and improve body condition. Drought beer applied to the bath consists of many beneficial ingredients used for years in herbal medicine and natural medicine as hops, malt and yeast.

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Hops has a beneficial effect on skin and hair, has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. For care of oily skin, prone to acne.

Malt prevents premature aging of the skin, is rich in polyphenols, which stabilize collagen and elastin, encourage micro circulation, nourishing the skin work.

Brewer's yeast contain almost the entire set of B vitamins and many minerals, prevent the formation of fine lines, firm and smooth the skin. Form a film on the skin to assist the maintenance of the water in the skin, so skin is hydrated, soft and smooth.

Beer bath is also recommended for people with insomnia: soothes, calms, relaxes.

Traetmant time: 50 minutes